A A Jam Intake!
Buoy (film soundtrack)
(C)rap Music! (Sounds like shit!)
Eat Our Fuck!
Eat, Eat, Eat Our Fuck!
Eating Up the Fuck!
F is for the F!
Fifteen Bowlfuls!
Fuckeaters Around the World!
Fuckeaters Chew!
Fuckeaters Clap!
Fuckeaters Got It!
Fuckeaters Relax!
Fuckeaters Roll!
Fuckeaters Shower!
Fuckeaters Spy!
Fuckeaters to the Left!
Fuckeaters Treat!
Fuckeaters Twist!
Fuckeaters! Repeat!
Fuckeaters’ Alphabet!
Fuckeaters’ Bang!
Fuckeaters’ Banquet!
Fuckeaters’ Century!
Fuckeaters’ Chow!
Fuckeaters’ Cream!
Fuckeaters’ Diet!
Fuckeaters’ One-Minute Polka
Fuckeaters’ Shuffle!
Fuckeaters’ Strut!
Fuckeaters’ Tango!
Fuckeaters’ Way!
Go Fuckeaters Go!
Hurdy Gurdy; Whoa, Man!
I Can Get (Some) Dissatisfaction
In the Hall of the Mountain Fuckeaters!
(Jane) Eat (Dick) Fuck!
Jolada Hole!
Not Yet, Now!
Rosie Is a Kitty Cat!
Run Amok!
A Song Without Words
Steve Barton’s Dead
Thirty-Six Prime Shakespeare Sonnets in Four Movements
We Never Sleep!
We’re Fuck-eat-ers!
What Can Poor Folks Do?
You Can’t Always Want What You Get
You Want a Ride!