Fuckeaters’ Banquet!

Now the boys are here,
’cause it’s time for beer.

And the girls don’t care
’bout no underwear.

But they’ll all in luck,
since they all eat fuck!

And the boys can’t sleep
They’re not that deep.

And the girls can’t find,
what’s on their minds.

But it doesn’t really matter,
there’s fuck on the platter!

And the boys hesitate,
since it’s getting late.

And the girls aren’t lazy
they’re all going crazy.

But no one’s really stuck,
they’re going to eat fuck!

And the boys are pensive
perhaps a little defensive.

And the girls are cute,
so the point is mute.

But they’re running amok,
now it’s time to eat fuck!

And the boys are sullen,
a little bit swollen.

And the girls are needy,
and perhaps a bit greedy.

But they’re all showing pluck,
at a banquet of fuck!